Feynman vs layman





""" ... various different people get different reputations for their skill at explaining to the laymen in layman's language these difficult and abstruse subjects. The layman then searches for book after book with the hope that he will avoid the complexity that would ultimately set in even by the best expositor of this type. He reads the things hoping to get one answer. He finds, as he reads, a generally increased confusion, one complicated statement after the other one, one difficult to understand thing after the other, all apparently disconnected from one another. And that becomes a little obscure. And he hopes that maybe in some other book there's some explanation which avoids-- I mean, the man almost made it, you see? Maybe another fellow makes it right.

And I don't think it's possible because there's another feature. Mathematics is not just a language. Mathematics is a language plus reasoning. It's like a language plus logic.

Mathematics is a tool for reasoning. It's, in fact, a big collection of the results of some person's careful thought and reasoning. By mathematics, it is possible to connect one statement to another. """

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